YouTube Licks #1: Brad Mehldau – And I Love Her

First article of a new serie dedicated to licks transcription from YouTube vids.

To start with, I picked a Brad Mehldau’s phrase on “And I Love Her”, the famous Beatles’ tune. The harmony is very simple but the scale colors that Brad uses are quite interesting. The section is in the key of Dm, ending in F major.

On the first Gm, fourth degree in Dm, we have a fragment from the D harmonic minor scale, with the note C#.

In bar 3, we can hear a Ab … a “blue note” sound, over the fourth degree.

Bar 5, again on Gm, a line using G# and B natural !! Implying a G# diminished arpeggio.

Bar 8, over a C chord … a line using the D harmonic minor scale, starting on a C#, with a nice chromatic approach G#-A.

The phrase ends with a great descending line using descending intervals of 5th and 4th.

Also notice the double-stops in three places (bar 1,5,9), with intervals of seconds, creating a “masking” effect.

Watch the full video HERE.

Download it in PDF format, enjoy and share it !!

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