DropEXP is my third online app. It’s a little tool to help guitar players in their never ending quest for new voicings. It offers a very intuitive interface. All buttons have keyboard shortcuts, and I highly recommend to use them instead of the mouse, with of course your guitar in hands.

Here are the features, with the respective keyboard shortcuts:

  • Choose your voicing configuration between the following options: block, drop2, drop3, drop4, drop2&3, drop2&4, drop 3&4, double drop2, double drop2 & drop3, double drop2 & drop4. [0-9]
  • Select a note for the root of the chord. [A-H]
  • Select the alteration of the root note between flat, natural and sharp. [J,K,L]
  • Select the chord quality between maj7, 7, m7, m7b5, maj7#5, 7sus4, mMaj7, maj6, m6. [M,N]
  • Replace the root of the chord by a ninth: b9, 9 or #9. [O]
  • Replace the fifth of the chord by an eleventh or a thirteenth: 11, #11, b13 or 13. [P]
  • Switch between note names or degrees display on the fretboard. [X]
  • Show or hide the root map (all locations of the root of the chord on the fretboard). [R]
  • Change the top note string using up and down arrow keys.
  • Switch between inversion using left and right arrow keys.

Some ideas to support the Music in Browser project:

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  • Leave me a comment below with ideas, bug reports, features you’d like to see in the next version etc … or just to say hello !  You can write in english, spanish or french. I promise I’ll answer all of them.
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Start the app by clicking the photo above and … Enjoy !

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