Antoine Boyer is a young french guitar prodigy who masters equally modern jazz guitar, gypsy guitar and classical guitar. Here’s my transcription of his version of the great Bill Evans tune “We will meet again”, in slide-show format. You can also download it in PDF format downpage.

Notes on this transcription:

– Some section are with a rubato feel. Please listen to the recording to guide you thru the
interpretation of these sections. Rhythm was notated in the more logical way to my ear,
but has to be interpreted.

– Chord symbols show basic harmonic functions of the Bill Evans version, and serve as
a reference to understand what Antoine Boyer plays over them.

– Bars 13,29 & 158 have to be played with an “over the fret” first finger diagonal bar.
The F# and C notes are both played with the first finger using this technique.
The C# is then played by moving the first finger to a normal bar on the 2nd fret,
so the F# keeps on ringing … good luck !

– Some bars need to be interpreted with a swing eighth feel. Listen to the recording.

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