Here is PULSAR, my second online app. It’s a “simple” metronome to work on your metric modulations. You setup a tempo, choose the subdivisions you want to work on (from 1 to 9) and let’s go ! You have some options to manage how the subdivisions will alternate …

Here are the features:

  • Tempo from 20 to 120 bpm/ Use the slider to adjust.
  • Pulse/Cycle: select the number of pulsations per cycle, from 1 to 16. 4 means that you’ll have 4 pulsations in a row with the same subdivision before moving to the next cycle.
  • Select the subdivisiones who want to work with by switching on & off the 1-9 buttons.
  • Select how you want the cycles to be organized. You have 5 options: Up, Down, Up & Down, Down & Up, Random (my favorite !!).
  • Choose the sound and volume for both the main pulse and the subdivisions by using the respective drop-down menus & sliders.
  • Use the Start/Stop button or any key from your keyboard.
  • Desktop & mobile friendly: use it on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Optimized for Chrome, but I tested it in Firefox & Safari with good results.

I need your help !

Some ideas to help me:

  • Share it with all your friend. Fast, easy & free.
  • Subscribe to my mailing-list, facebook page, youtube channel, find me on Instagram … you know all that stuff. All the links at the very bottom of the page. Fast, easy & free.
  • Use the app, work on your metric modulations … & just drop me a line on whatsapp (+593 9 96 71 34 69) …  not that fast, not that easy but free !
  • Leave me a comment below with ideas, bug reports, features you’d like to see in the next version etc … You can write in english, spanish or french. I promise I’ll read all of them. Not that fast, quite easy & free.
  • Tip me with a few bucks … I will deeply appreciate and it will help me continue/maintain/update/make new apps. Fast, easy and almost free …

Start the app by clicking the photo above and … Enjoy !

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