Here a transcription of Egberto Gismonti’s version of Ruth. The piece was written by Egberto’s grandfather Antônio Gismonti, for his daughter. (Egberto’s mother)

This version if from his 1987 CD “Alma”, one of my favorite Egberto’s recordings.

The piece is quite simple in essence, inspired by romantic composers from the 19th century (especially Chopin), but the emotional content is just amazing and Egberto’s interpretation is simply breathtaking.

Two disclaimers:
– I sometimes simplified the rhythm notation. Egberto is playing very freely, and sometimes “disconnects” the relationship between his two hands. Please listen to the recording.
– The sound of the piano is so good that I sometimes had doubts about doubled octaves in some voicings. I was not sure if the note was actually played or if it was just the first overtone ringing over bass note. This doesn’t affect much the color of the voicing anyway.

Enjoy, download and share !!


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