Here’s a little sheet i made that i use to practice things in all 12 keys. It’s a simple 12×12 grid, with a note name in each square. For the ones who have played sudoku, you will get how it works easily. For the other ones … well, it’s quite simple. All the notes in a specific row or column are different. The big grid is also divided into 12 subgrids (rectangles delimited by thicker lines) … all the notes in a subgrid are different too.

How to use it ? Imagine you want to practice major II-V-I in every key, but you’re tired of doing it going thru the cycle of fifths, or by chromatic steps and you want a more challenging exercice. Just choose a row randomly and practice your II-V-I reading the keys from left to right. Gives you 12 sequences. Tired ? Practice reading from right to left. 12 more sequences. Same thing choosing a column … reading top to bottom or bottom to top … 24 more ! Now pick up a subgrid rectangle … you can read it row by row (each row left to right or right to left / rows from top to bottom or bottom top) or column by column (each column top to bottom or bottom to top / columns from left to right or right to left) … 8 sequences per rectangle … 96 sequences more !! Total: 144 different sequences of the twelve musical notes, for you to practice any idea in the twelve keys, on just one sheet of paper ! Please feel free to download it and … happy practice in the 12 keys

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