This is the first post of its kind… no transcription or music theory here, but the beginning of a new work blending my knowledge as a musician and my knowledge as a programmer. I’m planning to make little apps available online, directly in your browser, to help you in your musical practice. The whole project is called MiB, standing for Music in Browser and will incorporate ear training, improv practice, musical theory & composition tools etc…

This first app is a little drum machine, inspired by the 16-step old drum machines from the 80’s (TR-808), but changing the whole game by including the option of chosing the number of steps … from 3 to 48 !

Here are the features:

  • From 3 to 48 steps. Use the Beats -/+ buttons to adjust.
  • Up to 12 instruments. Use the Inst -/+ buttons to adjust.
  • 4 sound banks (may be growing in the future) with several sounds per bank. You can change the bank for all the instruments at once using the Bank button on the bottom of the screen, or adjust the bank individually for each instrument using the menus located on the left of the grid.
  • Enter the notes by clicking directly on the grid. 3 possible dynamics for each stroke… just click the dot several time to adjust.
  • Tempo range from 30 to 300. Use the BPM slider.
  • Mute any instrument using the M buttons.
  • Clear any instrument using the C buttons.
  • Fill an instrument with strokes every x steps using the F buttons. The number on the right will specify the period of the stroke. 1 will fill every step, 2 will fill every other step etc… Press the F button again to adjust all the dynamics at the same time.
  • Shift all the strokes by one step to the left or thr right using the < > buttons.
  • Cherry on the cake, randomize the playing with the RND selector. RND0 will play all the strokes, RND1 will miss 10% of the strokes, RND2 20% etc… Ideal to practice your inner pulse. And you can adjust it individually for each instrument. Yeah !
  • Choose any Preset to have a instant base to work with. More presets will come… hopefully some will be created by YOU (see below)
  • Save your work on your hardrive (json files), Load it later, share the files with your friends !


  • For the moment, the app only work in the Chrome browser. It’s free and easy to install. Download it HERE.
  • The app is made for use on desktop computers … it may work on phones and tablets, but the experience won’t be optimized. I will work on mobile versions in the future.

I need your help !

Some ideas to help me:

  • Share it with all your friend. Fast, easy & free.
  • Subscribe to my mailing-list, facebook page, youtube channel, find me on Instagram … you know all that stuff. All the links at the very bottom of the page. Fast, easy & free.
  • Use the app, make amazing polyrhythms and send them to me … just drop me a line on whatsapp (+593 9 96 71 34 69) or write me on facebook to get in touch. Send me the json files and I will include your patterns as presets for the next update … including your name as a contributor. Not that fast, not that easy but free !
  • Leave me a comment below with ideas … bug reports, features you’d like to see in the next version etc … You can write in english, spanish or french. I promise I’ll read all of them. Not that fast, quite easy & free.
  • If you have skills in sound design / sampling and you’re interested in building a sound bank for the app (Latin, Brazilian, African, Indian, Electro, Hiphop or anything you like …), drop me a line. Take some time, not very complicated and free.
  • Tip me with a few bucks … I will deeply appreciate and it will help me continue/maintain/update/make new apps. Fast, easy and almost free …

Start the app by clicking the photo above and … Enjoy !

If this website is helping you becoming a better musician, please consider making a donation. Even a small amount will be very appreciated. Thank you !