Here a composition of mine. It’s a waltz for voice & guitar, in 3 parts.

The A part is in E minor and appears twice at the beginning and once at the end.

The B part goes to E major. The harmony is quite simple but the melody got some chromatic lines. The guitar part is thought as a conterpoint to the melody.

In the C part, melody and guitar switch their lines. This is one of my favorite composition technique, called invertible counterpoint. (Or in this case, double counterpoint as 2 lines are involved). I already used this technique in a previous composition, also waltz, called Vals Fugaz, that I wrote in 2009.

We recorded this song with María Tejada, on the album “Duetando” … you can buy it in digital format HERE.

Here the version of the album, and the chart in slide-show and PDF downloadable format. Enjoy !

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